During the last 10 years I played about 200 gigs with this Lowden, on stage in France, UK, Germany, Spain, ect... I have a question about my Lowden: the signature on the head is different from others(?). In fact I don't know where it has been made, by who...

I have no details about its history, except serial number:4672. I put some photos and a mp3 here.

UPDATE: Many people sent me precise informations about this guitar, I want to thank them a lot!

It has been built by S. Yairi (Nagoya) under license Lowden in late 1984 or 1985 (the last year of the japanese production)

The square label, the text on the label, and the script of the logo indicate this.

Many thanks to Dom, Roy, François and Jean! from the Lowden-L Yahoo group

Lowden L27FC: mp3's direct play

Lowden L27FC: MP3's download

"Ar Soudar.mp3"




Lowden L27FC: Pics

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